CE3F - Fixed Size 3 Rack and Pinion Door Closer


The CE3F Rack and Pinion door closer is the high value way to keep your fire doors firmly sealed in their frames.

CE3F is the only door closer in its class to be CE Marked in all three positions for timber and metal fire doors:

  • CE Marked to EN 1154 in all three mounting positions
  • Fire rated for timber (FD120) and metal (FD240) fire doors
  • Certifire approved
  • 10 year guarantee - remarkably robust yet provides incredible value for money
  • Everything included - supplied with all components required to install safely in all three mounting positions
  • Easy to install:
    • Quick and easy fitting process with specific template for each mounting position, to prevent mistakes.
    • Uses same footprint and fixing dimensions as most popular UK door designs - can be easily retro fitted with minimum effect.
    • Non-handed design which provides flexibility - reducing the amount of parts stocked.
  • Easy to adjust - adjustable arm allows the CE3F to be easily installed and adjusted in multiple applications
  • Easy to set up - side mounted door speed and latch controls for convenient access - allowing easy and accurate set up of the door opening and closing.

Click here to see the CE3F in action.


  • Fixed size 3 rack and pinion door closer
  • Maximum door width 950mm EN size 3
  • 130° maximum angle of opening (controlled closing)
  • Adjustable closing speed from 130° open to 15° open
  • Adjustable latch action for final 15°
  • Adjustable arm set for regular, transom and parallel arm installation
  • Additional bracket included for parallel arm mounting


Silver finish, which allows it to blend in with any application where other traditional door closers are installed.


CE Marked to EN 1154

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