UNION Key Cutting For Patented Cylinders

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UNION locksmiths and key cutters – you may be missing out on valuable revenue opportunities due to a misconception that you cannot create replacement keys for many popular UNION cylinders.

If you have been turning away business to cut replacement keys for certain UNION cylinders – think again.

We have been getting feedback that because many locksmiths and key cutters understand that key blanks such as the112A profile feature patent protection, there is a misunderstanding that replacement key blanks cannot be purchased or copied.

However, this patent protection is designed to maintain key cutting with Locksmith professionals and ensure that end users utilise genuine UNION key blanks.

Independent locksmith and key cutting professionals can seize additional business opportunities by cutting new keys from blanks for a range of popular UNION cylinders, such as the 112A Profile, which is available from most major wholesalers.

Blanks for these cylinders can also be ordered from UNION directly with immediate dispatch, enabling locksmiths or key cutters to offer additional customer services, quickly and easily.

“There is a belief that the keys for some of our popular cylinders, such as the J-U6P series, can’t be reproduced by independent locksmiths or key cutters, but this is not the case,” said Craig Birch, Category Specialist, Cylinders & Padlocks at UNION.

“In fact, blank keys for all cylinders – except for keyPRIME and keyULTRA – can be ordered by any locksmith or high street key cutter direct from UNION, with supply being turned round in as little as 24  hours.”