UNION CE3F Door Closer - Fully Fire Compliant

UNION Product Manager for Door Closers, Alison Aston, discusses the fire safety issues locksmiths should consider when fitting door closers.

Fire safety legislation is an ever-increasing and complex part of any building’s design. Most reputable businesses and landlords are keen to uphold their responsibilities, as besides the human risk and property damage, any resulting prosecution can be significant. Fire doors must be self-closing and, therefore, require a CE Marked and tested door closer to be fitted correctly and maintained.

The level of detail and knowledge needed when it comes to specifying firesafe hardware products is often overlooked. Therefore, it is essential that locksmiths have a good understanding of the legislation covering fire safety in order to offer valuable insight and experience.

Fire doors play a vital role in the fire safety of buildings, and their correct specification, installation and maintenance is paramount to the safety of all those who use the building. Quite simply, if they do not close properly, they are unsafe and not fit for purpose.

To help ensure buildings are ‘fire safe’, compliant door closer products meeting EN1154, 1155 or 1158 should be used. It is important that all products be CE marked and have passed a fire test to EN1634 standard.

Locksmiths must check test time, door type and power and fixing positions evidence, to ensure they are 100 per cent safe. Frustratingly, this information can often be hard to find. As a result, locksmiths can be assured peace of mind with the CE3F, which is fully compliant and transparent.

Building owners should be wary of installing cheaper alternatives that do not meet the necessary standards. Non-compliance with fire safety requirements can have serious consequences.

With the CE3F, the only door closer in its class that is CE Marked in all three positions and fire rated for timber and metal fire doors, being able to competently fit such a reliable solution should open up many opportunities for locksmiths.