Big Brother is watching as UNION hardware features in the famous house

After 11 series of controversy, big entrances and spectacular evictions, Big Brother is finally coming to an end… and UNION hardware has been there every step of the way.

At it’s peak the show enjoyed ratings of over 10 million and it’s success and longevity has been a global phenomenon.  During Big Brother 11, a new set of housemates have endured 77 days within the famous ‘house’ which has gradually undergone a metamorphosis since 2000.

Despite all of the hullaballoo that surrounds the show, the fact remains that up to 21 people share the house at any one time, providing some unique safety and security considerations.

Particularly important are exit devices.  The specification for this year’s Big Brother house included UNION’s 8070 Emergency Turn and Dome, which was used on all of the house’s fire exit doors.

Designed for use with mortice escape deadlocks such as the UNION 21572, the Emergency Turn and Dome is supplied with green and white self-adhesive vinyl signage and fixing screws. In the event of an emergency, access to the turn lever can be gained by breaking the clear plastic dome cover.

Pauline Richardson, Product Manager for UNION, commented:

“The primary function of the 8070 is to allow people to access an escape route quickly and safely in the event of an emergency.

“For an unusual and high profile application, like use in the Big Brother house, there is no room for error.  All of the contestants are in the house 24/7 and with the various challenges that they face, it is vitally important that the exit devices are reliable in case something does go wrong.”

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