1037 / L1037 - Narrow Stile Cylinder Night Latch



  • For timber doors from 35-60mm thick, hinged on the left or right and opening inwards only
  • Suitable for glass panelled doors
  • Not recommended for single door entry residencies
  • Concealed fixing
  • Also suitable for steel and composite doors - special fixings required


  • The bolt is withdrawn by key outside and handle inside
  • The bolt may be held in the locked or in the with-drawn position by operating the snib
  • When the door is closed the bolt is automatically locked against end pressure by the anti-thrust slide
  • Turning key a full revolution anti-clockwise deadlocks handle
  • Backset: 40mm
  • Case & Keep: Zinc
  • Latch Bolt: Anodised Brass finish
  • Handle:  Zinc, finished to match case and keep material
  • Outside Cylinder: Brass, 5 pin tumbler mechanism
  • Inside Cylinder: n/a
  • Keying Groups: May be supplied to pass, differ & master keyed.  Supplied with 2 steel nickel plated keys as standard
  • Master keyed products supplied with nickel silver keys
  • Key Blank Number: KB8-NP
  • Available Boxed or Visi-Packed
  • Case only: Available in EB, SC, WE and DMG finishes
  • Case & Cyl: Available in CH-CH, EB-PL, WE-PL, WE-SC and finishes


  • EB - Enamelled Brass
  • WE - White Enamel
  • PL - Polished Brass
  • SC - Satin Chrome
  • DMG - Dark Metallic Grey
  • CH - Chrome


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Rim Latch anti thrust
Rim Latch anti thrust
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