L2072 - Horizontal Sash Lock - Knob Operation



  • For timber doors hinged on the left or right and requiring cylinder and knob operation
  • Also suitable for steel & composite doors - special fixings required
  • Accepts oval or euro profile cylinders
  • For use with knob furniture


  • Heavy duty springing suitable for use in heavy traffic areas
  • Deadbolt locked or unlocked by turn inside and key outside using a single cylinder with turn, or key from either side using a double cylinder
  • Latch bolt withdrawn by knob from either side
  • Two way action for knob furniture
  • Separate cylinder options - oval or euro profile, key and turn or key and key
  • 21mm extended throw deadbolt
  • Case Size: 165mm
  • Backset: 60mm cylinder.  130mm follower
  • Case: Steel, gold powder coat.  Pierced to accept bolt through furniture on 38mm centres.  Pierced to accept oval & euro cylinders
  • Outer Forend: Stainless steel or brass
  • Striking Plate: Finished to match outer forend
  • Deadbolt: Brass, with hardened steel rollers
  • Latch Bolt: Brass, easily reversible from outside of the case
  • Follower: Brass, 8mm square. Two way action
  • Rebate Kit: 2906 (13, 19 or 25mm sizes).  Only available in SC finish
  • Cylinder Type: Euro / oval profile (not supplied)
  • Available in SC and PL finishes


  • SC - Satin Chrome finish
  • PL - Polished Brass finish