11175 - SAS Butt Hinge


• High performance bushed bearing butt hinge suitable for severe duty applications
• For use on doors which are subject to frequent violent usage e.g. where deliberate abuse is likely or where there is potential for persistent violent attack


• Fixed pin for improved cycling and durability
• Suitable for 120kg door mass (door mass to include adjustment for door closers, furniture and environmental conditions)
• 180º angle of opening
• Square corners and packed in 20's to suit OEM factory preparation.
• 304 stainless steel provides improved corrosion resistance
• Bright zinc plate finish in mild steel variant
• Phosphorus bronze bushes. Self-lubricating, low friction maintenance free bearings
• Congruent fixing pattern on one leaf, with 3 fixing holes in the other leaf to be fixed into metal door frame with metal screws.


• BZP - Bright Zinc Plate


• EN1935:2002 performance tested to 200,000 cycles on 80kg door mass.
• Included in fire test to BS EN 1634-1 with assessment for use on timber fire doors with intumescent protection up to FD30 and FD60 provided they are fitted in accordance with the guidelines detailed in IFCA/06252
• Certificate Number:
o 1720-CPr-0118(BZP finish)
• 3rd party tested to BS EN 1935:2002. Achieved Grade 11

For use on pedestrian access doors including fire and smoke doors with the following classification.

3 7 4 1 1 2 0 11 BZP
• Certifire Certificate Number: CF696