Having rebranded Chubb locks to the UNION C-series, our products are some of the most recognised and trusted on the market. Manufactured in the UK, quality and security are still at the heart of the range.

BS 5 lever and 5 lever mortice locks

Delivering some of the most recognisable and trusted products on the market, the UNION C-Series range of 5 lever high security mortice locks offers a plethora of functions including deadlocks and sashlocks. more

5 Detainer Mortice locks

Detainer locks do not have levers to operate the bolt, instead they use detainers, which are more resistant to picking. UNION C-Series Detainer mortice locks also provide a higher number of key combinations than lever locks. more

Cylinder mortice locks

For use on timber doors not less than 40mm thick, UNION C-Series Cylinder Locks offer robust construction and high security locking with the advantages of cylinder locks. more