Why should I consider a UNION keyULTRA™ Masterkey System?

Every effective Masterkey suite starts with correct planning. Masterkey systems should be designed to suit the use and should not be limited by the design of the building or the flexibility of the Masterkey system. Design should be based upon required user groups and the desired function of the suite, with future proofing also being a consideration.



With over 100 years of Masterkey expertise, UNION can assist with the development of your Masterkey system through on-site visits to determine the correct specification and preparing suite designs for review and approval.


Support with suite design

Effective system design coupled with keyULTRA’s™ extensive Masterkeying capability ensures keyULTRA™ Masterkeyed suites will be flexible enough to incorporate potential future extensions, and allow user groups to be easily added, therefore helping to reduce system extension costs.