Patent protection prevents unauthorised duplication of the key

Cylinder systems that rely on copyright protection can no longer be legally protected from others manufacturing and selling ‘pirate’ key blanks. Only cylinder systems that offer patent protection for their keys can truly protect against illegal key blank duplication.

Standard pin with anti-pick notching, Patented DuraPIN, Tungsten carbide anti-drill pins in plug, Nickel silver Masterkey discs, Anti-bump GuardPIN, Oversized nickel silver key, Standard driver with anti-pick notching, Hardened steel anti-drill pins in body

UNION keyULTRA™ Masterkey cylinders have one of the longest patents in the market protecting the key and cylinder assembly with DuraPIN™ technology.

DuraPIN™ Technology

This offers unique levels of patented protection. DuraPIN™ is a two piece, telescopic pin that works in combination with a special patented cut on the key.