J KUED 3040 SC 3 L
Packaging Code Turn Style Product Code Length Finish Turn Function Hand

J = Boxed

All UNION cylinder products are supplied boxed

– = Round (Default)

1 = Diamond

2 = Signature

3 = Large

4 = Wave

KUED = EuroProfile

KUES = Euro Single

KUET = Euro Key and Turn

KUOD = Oval Double

KUOS = Oval Single

KUOT = Oval Key and Turn

Sizes available from 30 to 80mm

See size table in the UNION catalogue for more details

For key and turn cylinders, the first length denotes the turn side

(Example code has a 30mm turn side)

UNION keyULTRA™ cylinders are available in the following finishes:

SC = Satin Chrome

PL = Polished Lacquer Brass

2 = Clutch Release

3 = Classroom Function

(Leave out code if none of these functions are required)

L = Left

R = Right

(Only applicable with classroom function)