keyULTRA - Masterkey - UNION – Door Handles, Door Locks, Door Hardware and much more

What keyULTRA™ offers

  • UK Manufactured products
  • Highest key related security as per BS EN 1303:2005:Grade 6
  • Highest attack resistance as per BS EN 1303:2005:Grade 2*
  • Resistance to attack by bumping, drilling, picking, plug extraction, twisting and chiseling
  • Approval for use on 30 and 60 minute fire doors in accordance with BS EN 1634-1
  • 6 pin Masterkey cylinder
  • One of the longest patents on the market, lasting until 2028
  • Extensive Masterkey capability in excess of 500,000 differs
  • Solid nickel silver key with durable key design
  • Easy grip, oversized key bow

*When used with appropriate security escutcheon