UNION Masterkey Order Form

Please use this order form to email your masterkey system order to UNION, or contact us directly on 01902 364189 (tel), 01902 364054 (fax).

For orders for keys only, you can use the simpler Keys Only Order Form page.


Select suite type: *

Please note: Scandinavian type cylinders are only available for DTEC, keyULTRA and keyRETRO cylinder systems.
Turn function and style are only applicable for Euro or Oval Turn cylinders.
CYLINDER LENGTH - For double cylinders and turn cylinders, please enter both digits of the code, eg AA, BC, G or 35-35. For single cylinders leave the second digit blank. Note: size A is only available on 5-pin cylinders.
Cylinder length (5-pin and 6-pin Euro or Oval cylinders)
Cylinder length (DTEC, keyULTRA and keyRETRO Euro or Oval cylinders)