Variable adjustable closing force (EN 5-7)

Rack & Pinion door closer with L197 extra strong arm (size 5-7)

General product information

  • CE marked in compliance to BS EN 1154
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors
  • For single action doors up to 1600mm wide
  • Supplied as standard with closer body, for use with L197 extra strong arm, DC107 angle bracket and DC126 mounting plate
  • ABS satin silver cover finish as standard
  • Adjustable spring power from CEN grades 5-7
  • Back check as standard
  • Supplied with integrated concealed mounting plate
  • Adjustable arm height (max.14mm) for ease of installation
  • Suitable for left and right hand doors

Features and benefits

  • Extensive range of uses for fire doors and standard doors
  • Modern and compact design
  • Modular design allowing change of closer without changing the mounting plate
  • Suited to heavy door applications
  • Template adjustable design meaning a quick and easy install
  • Reduced closer torque means a door easier to open and close
  • Back check facility offers greater protection to walls and recesses