DC 700 with G464 fire door system


Variable adjustable closing force (EN 3-6)

Door closer with CAM-motion technology (size 3-6)

General product information

  • Slim design
  • Door closer with CAM-motion
  • For fire and smoke protection doors up to 2800mm
  • Silver finish

Two options: 

  • Electro-mechanical hold open devices for double doors in active door to EN1155 and EN1158. Passive door remains closed. Hold open in the active door can be adjusted between 70° to 130°
  • Electro-mechanical hold open device for double doors in passive door to EN1155 and EN1158. The hold open angle of the passive door can be adjusted in the installation from 70° to 130°. The active door is then held open by a built in mechanical co-ordinator