Security Holograms


Say NO to Counterfeits

Entitled “say no to counterfeits, buy genuine” this campaign is focussed on communicating the positive benefits to the market and to dealers of genuine UNION product.

UNION take the issue of counterfeits seriously. We do not just sell a door handle, a hinge, a keying system or a door closer, we sell peace of mind, value and a total solution.

People who buy from us know what they get when they buy UNION and therefore it is important for us to ensure people get what they expect. Some people buy counterfeits knowing they are not the genuine UNION but others believe the UNION they buy to be genuine when it is not.

Ensuring customers buy genuine UNION is therefore a core element of our strategy because it is not UNION who suffer the most but the end user or the client.

Genuine UNION products can be easily spotted before the box is even opened. Our packaging and labelling is very distinctive and every UNION box has a unique security hologram on it.