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Superior performance.
Delivering unbeatable value.
Delivering an unrivalled product range.


UNION has always been the first choice for quality, reliability and expertise, but now we are redefining our product range to meet the needs of professionals like you.

Great products, designed exclusively for security professionals

We have been talking to our customers to find out what it is that really matters to them, and our new extended and improved StrongBOLT™ range has reinvented our mortice lock product ranges, showing the way UNION will be announcing exciting new product offerings across the whole range.


An Architect is central to ensuring that the correct specification of locks and hardware is used for the correct application and use within a building.  UNION work closely with both Architects and Consultants around the globe to help ensure the optimum product choices are made for the client and end user.  Trained and experienced UNION staff work from the floor plans to specify the best solutions and always listen to what the requirements are.


Being a Builder means you use a lot of locks and hardware.  UNION have trained people who work with professional builders ensuring the right products are used for the right application and that value for money is always achieved.  Working closely with forward visibility on project developments enables UNION to ensure that stock is available to meet the builder’s requirements.


The life of a Contractor is challenging as trying to find the balance between quality, service and cost is critical.  With locks and hardware this is normally carried out towards the end of a project build programme and therefore there is the added issue of time constraints.  UNION has comprehensive product solutions for most applications and with stock held locally in regional markets are able to respond quickly to immediate needs.  Local service will be prompt and cost will be competitive, ensuring specifications are met with value for money solutions, provided against specific budgets as required.

End User

UNION carefully evaluate end user requirements and will always propose lock and hardware solutions that give the optimum benefit for the client.  Proposed solutions will differ between, for example, educational, healthcare, hospitality and residential applications as the needs are quite different.

Within these processes UNION will work in conjunction with the architect, consultant and contractor ensuring the supply side meets the expectations of everyone, especially the client.

Your needs define our products

Product innovation

For many years UNION has been relied on to supply trusted quality products.

New developments in response to a series of customer surveys has enabled UNION to lead the way in product innovation, matching our customers’ requirements in evolving markets.

We are unlocking UNION’s potential to the benefit of our customers – both existing and new – and looking to grow together. We are UNION.

Product development

As well as innovating new products, UNION is also committed to developing and improving existing products that our customers rely upon, such as our masterkey systems and the panic exit hardware range.

In strengthening our most popular offerings, we are celebrating our unrivalled heritage in the locking industry, and securing both our own and our customers’ future.

Customer service

At the heart of these developments, is UNION’s promise to commit our resources to developing products which aim to support our customers’ future in the market.

In continuing to offer our most popular products, whilst consolidating the heritage synonymous with the UNION brand, our customers can expect an uninterrupted service.

We believe continued reliable service is essential to our customer promise, in order to maintain the trust and preference our customers have had for the UNION brand.

Training and support

As well as delivering quality locking solutions, here at UNION we are committed to supporting our customers above and beyond the sales and installation process. We are proud to have a dedicated experienced international team who aim assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping you get back to business.

Offering training and development opportunities through the ASSA ABLOY Academy, we aim to cultivate knowledge, with you, our customers, so that together we can stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry.