1500GY - Reslock Lockset


  • Student residential lockset, whereby students retain responsibility for providing their own 40mm padlock, thus taking responsibility for primary key control
  • If student loses the key, the Administration merely removes the student's padlock using a bolt cutter. Replacing the padlock remains the students responsibility


  • Ergonomically shaped knob handle
  • Robust construction, cast zinc knob with mild steel back plate and shaft
  • Rectangular back plate suitably dimensioned to cover most holes formed in door when fitting previous locks  
  • European size mortise lock, resulting in substantial distance between knob and lock cylinder
  • This lock has a non-standard size striking plate. This presents no problem when the door has timber or aluminium door frame. However new steel door frames should be suitably prepared to accept the lock bolts
  • On projects where existing pressed steel frames with conventional striking plates / box keeps are present, a rectangular hole will have to be formed below this for the deadbolt. A suitable rectangular keep is provided to dress around this hole
  • Operation:
    • Student locks room from outside with their 40mm padlock
    • Student locks room from inside with the cylinder thumb turn; two revolutions double throws the deadbolt
    • Residence Administration can always unlock using the cylinder key. The key retracts the deadbolt and the latch bolt
    • Residence Administration can lock room (including locking student out of the room) using the cylinder key. Two revolutions of the key double throws the deadbolt
    • Various key configurations provide for convenient key operation by Residence Administration i.e. all locks on a floor can be keyed alike (one key opens all)
  • Component Parts 
    • UNION L-23803-85SS heavy duty euro profile double throw cylinder lock with anti-thrust latch, which prevents the retraction of the latch by illicit manipulation.
    • UNION 2 X 19SC euro profile knob cylinder


  • Cast zinc knob with mild steel back plate and shaft


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