C727NP - Double Cylinder (Small Oval)


  • All security gate locks are suitable for both new installation or for retro fit.
  • In some cases lock boxes are supplied for easy installation.


  • The security gate lock range includes wing bolt and hook bolt locks for sliding doors and double throw dead bolt locks for swing gates and doors.
  • The latch bolt lock is most suited to installations with electric strikes.
  • Locks are normally supplied keyed to differ but may be ordered in the keyed alike format.
  • For those locks where cylinders are used, sub master and master keyed options are available.


  • The lock cases are made of steel and either zinc plated or yellow passivated. Bolts are made from brass, steel and zinc, depending on the application.
  • The levers are stainless steel, passivated steel or brass and include phosphor bronze springs.


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