N85 (LG2300+) - 7 Lever Safe Lock (Laminated Bolt)


  • Safe locks are manufactured for safes, strong room doors and security boxes.
  • The locker lock is suitable for safe drawers and lockers.
  • We cater for all operation applications, with 1 key entry-keyhole at right angles to bolt movement with key free in the unlocked position.
  • 3 key entry-keyhole in the same plane as the bolt movement with key free in the unlocked position.
  • 7 key entry-keyhole allows for double bitted keys.
  • 1/3 and 1/3/7 key entry-keyway allow for multiple operation applications.
  • A variety of key lengths as available on application.


  • The range of safe locks have a minimum of three anti-pick levers.
  • The lever pack or mechanism is fitted into a zinc-plated steel case and the levers are fitted with phosphor bronze springs.
  • The locks are manufactured with brass, zinc or laminated steel bolts.


  • The light duty safe locks make use of a zincplated 1.6mm steel case.
  • 3.0mm yellow passivated steel is used in the heavier duty range.
  • Bolt material is zinc, brass or laminated steel.
  • The bolt used in the extra heavy-duty range is constructed from brass and makes use of a dove-tailed section for extra strength.


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