K37 - CAM Locks Disk Tumbler


  • For installation in wood and steel cabinets, lockers, drawers, cubicles, control panels, vending machines, gaming machines, meters, etcetera.


  • Master Keying is available for the 60 series and 40 suites of 50 sub-masters with a Grand Master for the 95 series.
  • Zinc alloy die cast housings and barrels are available in a variety of electroplated finishes.
  • 5 and 10 disc tumblers with phosphor bronze spring allow for a host of keying options.
  • All cam locks can be ordered "Keyed to Differ", "Keyed Alike" or "Keyed In Sets".


  • X Chrome plated
  • X2 Brass plated
  • X3 Bronze Metallic Antique BMA


Ordering Options
RS37/46 (LA7000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (11mm)
K37 (LA2000+)
60/92 Series Cam Lock (16mm)
K37/46 (LA5000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (16mm)
K37/B44 (LA1000+)
60/92 Series Cam Lock (19mm)
K37/B46 (LA3000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (19mm)
K37LH (LA4000+)
60/92 Series Cam Lock (22mm)
K37/46LH (LA4000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (22mm)
K37LK (LA5000+)
60/92 Series Cam Lock (27mm)
K37/46LK (LA5000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (27mm)
K37LG (LA3000+)
60/92 Series Cam Lock (32mm)
K37/46LG (LA4000+)
95 Series Cam Lock (32mm)

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