L-24315-76 - Euro Profile Cylinder Claw Bolt Sliding Door Lock


  • Suitable for sliding doors
  • Suitable for doors from 32mm to 50mm thick
  • Cylinder to be specified separately


  • Forend and Striking Plate Finishes SS, PL
  • Case Material and Finish Pressed Steel Black Powder Coated
  • Claw Bolt Brass
  • Add a Suitable Cylinder
  • Single Cylinder 2x812NP (Nickel Plated), 2x812PL (Brass)
  • Double Cylinder 2x810NP (Nickel Plated), 2x810PL (Brass)
  • Knob Cylinder 2x815NP (Nickel Plated), 2x815PL (Brass)
  • Cylinder Keying Options Available Keyed to Differ (ie Standard)
  • Key Differs ±5000 Standard Differs
  • Rebate Conversion Set Not Applicable
  • PWD Reference Number SN-10


  • SS - Stainless Steel Finish
  • PL - Brass Finish


  • Standard Quality
  • Made in South Africa

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