737 - Rack & Pinion Door Closer

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  • Suitable for both interior and exterior doors
  • Maximum door weight 100kg, maximum door leaf width 1250mm


  • Cast aluminium body manufactured from high performance silicon alloy
  • Very high efficiency
  • The 737 is universal and can be fitted as App. 1, App. 66 or App. 61
  • Separate adjustable closing and latching speed
  • Pressure relief valves to protect against abuse
  • Non handed, can be installed on either the door or the door frame
  • Easily adjustable arm height makes installation simple and quick
  • Adjustable spring power from size 3 to 5
  • Easy to adjust starting angle of back check, delayed closing and latching speed
  • Operating temperature -35ºC to +45ºC
  • Hold-open device 737 available for use in conjunction with slide arm
  • The arm height can be adjusted (by a maximum of 14mm) by moving the grooved spindle in a vertical direction
  • Adjustments:
  • The starting angle for latching speed, back check and delayed closing can be adjusted by selecting the desired arm position in relation to the grooved spindle 
  • It ensures the correct starting angle for back check, particularly important when installed on the closing side
  • Separate adjustable valves for latching and closing speed, delayed closing and back check
  • Closing force can be adjusted for different door sizes and weights


  • Satin Silver


  • EN 1154
  • EN 1634
  • Certificate number: 1162-CPD-0252.  
  • Achieves the following classification in Apps. 1 & 61
    4 8 5/3 1 1 3
Ordering Options
Regular Arm EN3-5
Parallel Arm EN2-4
Hold Open Arm EN3-5
Slide Channel EN2-4
Slide Channel Hold Open EN2-4

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