K1CS700 - UNION Ingersoll Steel Padlock



  • Suitable for most high security applications
  • Extra close shackle offers a very tight fitting lock, severely restricting access to the shackle


  • Extra Close Shackle High Security
  • Snaplocking, key required to unlock
  • Non-key retention
  • Shackle is retained when padlock is open
  • Padlock has drainage holes to prevent build up of water, and a keyhole cover to protect the mechanism
  • Body Width: 63mm
  • Body Material: Steel
  • Shackle Material: Steel
  • Keying Groups: Can be included in a UNION KESO masterkey suite.  May be supplied standard differ, keyed alike, keyed to pass or masterkeyed
  • UNION KESO 15 pin system offers patent protection; resistance to drill and pick attack; differs never repeated


  • Steel body