3M51 - 5 Detainer Clutch Mortice Lock



  • For timber sliding doors requiring an automatic closing action
  • Keys for use on doors up to 50mm thick
  • Provides a higher number of key combinations than lever locks


  • Hookbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side
  • A projecting stump on the forend engages into the locking plate to prevent the door being lifted from the frame in the locked position
  • Handles can be fitted to one or both sides of the door
  • Force resistant, anti-pick and anti-saw security features
  • Available with square forend and striking plate
  • Case Size: 70mm
  • Backset:  43mm
  • Centres: 56mm
  • Case: Gold powder coat
  • Forend: Painted gold
  • Box Strike Assembly: Painted to match forend
  • Deadbolt: One hook (brass) and one round stump (steel)
  • Follower: Sintered Iron, 8mm square
  • Keying Groups: Standard differ
  • Keys supplied: Standard differ supplied with 2 keys
  • Key Blank Number: B-K521-S
  • Cut Key Number: B-DET-STD (Standard Differ)


  •  GT - Simulated Brass


  • EN 1634-1 assessed for use on 60 minutes timber fire doors