CE851PB - ExiSAFE CE851 PB Panic Bolt

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 A push bar surface mounted panic bolt device for use on single doors or as a part of a double door solution.



Ideal for final exit escape doors used by general public Install to push face of outward opening doors Non-handed for maximum flexibility Compatible with knob and lever CE855OAD outside access devices


• Proud to be "Made in Britain"
• CE Marked to EN 1125
• Certifire approved
• Can be used on timber fire doors (up to FD120) or metal fire doors up to (FD240) up to 1200mm x 2440mm tall
• Top and bottom shoot bolt rods can be cut to size on sit to fit each door
• Push bar can be cut to size on site to fit each door
• Automatic top trip releases bolts only as door closes into frame, preventing damage to frame and flooring
• Anti-thrust features in main mechanism prevents top and bottom shoot bolts being pushed out of keeps to force the door open
• Easy clean floor socket provided as standard
• Alternative keeps and range of spares available
• Complete with "Push bar to open" signage
• Rod guides prevents shootbolt rods from warping and protects against vandalism
• Install screws concealed by UNION branded label and push bar
• Completed 200,000 cycles in durability testing
• 96 hours corrosion resistance
• Slim line design projects less than 100mm from door face
• 10 year guarantee 


 • Silver as standard
• Potential to supply other colours - please ask for details of range and MOQ


CE Marked to BS EN 1125



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