CE855OADL - ExiSAFE Outside Access Device - Lever

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  A lever handle surface mounted outside access device for use with any ExiSAFE panic or emergency device.

• Means final exit escape doors can be used as access doors - without removing ability to escape
• Install to pull face of outward opening doors
• Non-handed for maximum flexibility
• Compatible with all ExiSAFE panic and emergency devices


 • Proud to be "Made in Britain"
• Included in EN 1125 and EN 179 testing of ExiSAFE products
• Part of ExiSAFE Certifire approvals
• Can be used on timber fire doors (up to FD120) or metal fire doors up to (FD240)
• Lever handle helps with barrier free access to a building
• Unit includes a shear screw designed to snap when unit locked and excessive force is applied to prevent the door being forced open by pushing back ExiSAFE bolts/latches
• When unlocked, pushing the lever down retracts the latch or shoot bolts in the ExiSAFE unit fitted to inside face
• Supplied with cylinder so door can be instantly secured OR supplied without cylinder to facilitate masterkey needs
• Uses a standard 45mm single cylinder
• Suitable for doors up to 60mm thick as standard - accessories for thicker doors are available separately
• Bolt through screws concealed by panic or emergency unit on internal door face
• Completed 200,000 cycles in durability testing
• 96 hours corrosion resistance
• 10 year guarantee


 • Silver as standard
• Potential to supply other colours - please ask for details of range and MOQ


 Included in BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179 testing of panic and emergency devices.