4146 - Lever Cupboard Lock



  • For wooden doors hinged on the left or right
  • To suit doors up to 32mm material thickness
  • Supplied with 5359 brass thread escutcheon
  • Suitable for cupboard doors


  • The bolt is locked and unlocked by key
  • Case Size: 63.5mm (2.5") or 76.2mm (3")
  • Case: Brass
  • Cap: Brass
  • Striking Plate: Supplied separately.  See separate page
  • Deadbolt: Zinc, brass plated
  • Cylinder Type: Lever mechanism
  • Keying Groups: May be supplied standard differ, keyed alike, keyed to pass
  • Supplied with 2 steel nickel plated keys
  • May be keyed alike with other utility locks of the same key blank number
  • Key Blank Number:
    • KB671 - 63.5mm case size
    • KB611 - 76.2mm case size


  • PL - Polished Brass