Mechanical Push Button Locks

Mechanical Push Button Locks are a popular way to quickly introduce access control. This can be to a single room, an area within a building, or access to the building itself.    Push Button Locks are commonly seen in many applications. For example, Health Centres use them for restricting access to controlled drugs, valuable equipment or vulnerable patient areas. In Education, schools use them for sensitive data storage. Retailers install Push Button Locks on rooms holding high-value goods such as watches, jewellery, computers or mobile phones. And many different types of buildings used by the public, from Government to concert venues, install them to restrict access into staff areas.     The aim of Access Control is to only allow authorised people through a door. Until recently there were no standards to understand how secure a push button lock is. BSI have introduced BS8607, which puts Acess Control devices through a series of tests to etermine their resilience to attack, and then grades them accordingly.